All of the costs of Adventure 2013 have been raised by the individuals sailing on Elinca. However a few companies have kindly provided additional help to the expedition. We would like to express our thanks to the companies below who have already helped us. If you are interested in helping the 52 participants on their journey to the end of the world then we would love to hear from you.

Kukri Events We are very excited to be receiving weather routing from StormGeo. StormGeo is a global weather services provider with operations in Offshore, Renewables, Media, Corporate Enterprise and Shipping industries. Through continuously developing and improving their market knowledge, products and forecasting quality, they shall provide their partners and customers with a competitive edge, resulting in them becoming The Number 1 provider of decision support for weather sensitive operations. Visit for further information.
Kukri Events Adventure 2013 are delighted to have won funding from the Kukri Adventure Scholarship. We are using the scholarship money to buy a new spinnaker for Elinca and to improve our satellite communications so that we can do more work with the schools following us on our adventure.
Huttons Chandlers Huttons have very kindly lent us an oxygen set for our medical kit. Huttons are the UK's leading suppliers to the maritime industry and can source provisions, technical, industrial and medical supplies for all vessels. We have their flag onboard and will be proudly getting photos of it during our adventure.
Yellowbrick Elinca will be carrying a Yellowbrick tracker on our Adventure. The Yellowbrick will send back regular positions via satellite and so you can follow on progress on Elinca from our tracking page.