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Fully Booked - Leg 1 - UK to Lisbon (Portugal)

~7 days (Dates: 24th Sept 2013 to 1st Oct 2013)

As the exciting first leg of the expedition this trip will see the vessel leaving Falmouth and British waters and crossing the infamous Bay of Biscay. Opportunities for shore visits include the Channel Islands, France, Spain and of course the final destination in Portugal. This trip will put the boat though its paces and if possible air every sail. If you are unable to spare the time for the longer voyages this shorter but crucial leg would allow you to be part of the adventure. If you are considering one of the longer trips then this voyage would be a good introduction to the boat and life onboard.

Fully Booked - Leg 2 - Lisbon to the Canaries

~8 days (Dates: 1st Oct 2013 to 9th Oct 2013)

This leg will chase the sun south to the Canary Islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria and La Gomera. These Islands will be the final stop for the vessel before she sets off across the Atlantic for South America from Las Palmas on Gran Canaria.. This leg will be a long sea voyage but with the chance to explore a volcanic island chain at its end. The Canaries boast an accessible climb to the mouth of a dormant volcano, a unique landscape and warm seas rich in wildlife including the highly amusing flying fish!

Fully Booked - Leg 3 - Canaries to Rio de Janeiro

~25 days (Dates: 11th Oct 2013 to 6th Nov 2013)

The first ocean leg takes the trade-winds south from Las Palmas on Gran Canaria to Rio de Janeiro. This is an opportunity for anyone who has ambitions to make an Atlantic crossing and wants to do it with friends. Watch leaders on this trip will be able to count the voyage towards their Yachtmaster Ocean qualification. The crew will have Rio de Janeiro to look forward to at the end of their ~2-3 week voyage and we promise a good celebration on crossing the equator.

Fully Booked - Leg 4 - Rio de Janeiro to Ushuaia

~21 days (Dates: 10th Nov 2013 to 1st Dec 2013)

A half and half trip; covering the 2000 mile distance down the coast of South America whilst attempting to visit as many places as possible en-route to get a real feel for the culture and landscape of this varied continent. From the stifling heat of Rio and Buenos Aires to the snowy mountains of Tierra del Fuego this trip has a lot to offer. There is distance to be covered by sea but also an opportunity to visit some of the more secluded bays and less accessible towns along the South American coast. The highlight of this trip for many is likely to be the destination, Tierra del Fuego, and Ushuaia the most southern city in the world. Tierra del Fuego down the Beagle Channel (named by Robert Fitzroy on his famous voyages with Charles Darwin) is a land of mountains and glaciers up high and green fields and wildlife down low. If it wasn't for the penguins and sea lions it would look a lot like Scotland.

Fully Booked - Leg 5 - Ushuaia to Antarctica and back

~25 days (Dates: 9th Dec 2013 to 3rd Jan 2014)

Leaving Ushuaia down the Beagle Channel the boat will sail past the infamous Cape Horn on the relatively short but none the less treacherous trip across the Drake Passage. Due to good weather forecasting this is no longer the dice with death it once was and the Chilean Islands of Cape Horn offer shelter before making the 3 day dash across the Drake. The unique upwelling of nutrient rich sea water means this 600 mile stretch of water is one of the most wildlife rich in the world and teams with birds, penguins and whales. The cold Antarctic water makes an eerie line of fog at the convergence zone and beyond that the climate changes and ice bergs are frequent. Once in the shelter of the South Shetland Islands the weather is relatively settled being dominated by the Antarctic high pressure and the boat will explore the islands of the peninsula for a week or so before waiting for a weather gap in which to make the return trip across the Drake. During this trip the penguins will be nesting and trips to their rookeries will be possible as well as to the British base at Port Lockroy and short excursions ashore. Towards the end of the trip we may see some chicks! This trip will include Christmas and New Year celebrations in the most picturesque settings we can manage.

Fully Booked - Leg 6 - Ushuaia to Antarctica and back

~25 days (Dates: 5th Jan 2014 to 1st Feb 2014)

With the ice melting in the Antarctic summer heat this trip may be able to push a little further south than the first. The ideal would be to make it all the way down to the Antarctic circle but for this we are at the mercy of the elements. The penguins at this time will have small chicks that greet tourists fearlessly as there are no land predators on the peninsula. There is nothing to recommend one Antarctic trip over the other as both will throw up unexpected pleasures and trials however on this second one there may be attempts made to push further south (weather permitting).

Both Antarctica trips must come with a disclaimer that if the boat or the weather do not allow the crossing of the Drakes Passage with time enough to return then the trip will take place within the Islands of Tierra Del Fuego. We would endeavour to make the most out of the time.

Fully Booked - Leg 7 - Ushuaia to the Falklands

~5 days (Dates: 1st Feb 2014 to 8th Feb 2014)

This leg is intended mostly as a delivery. After two full on trips the boat needs a rest before setting out for South Georgia. None the less it is perfect for those either staying on after the second Antarctica leg or joining for leg 8 to South Georgia wanting to see more of the South. The 300 mile passage to the Falkland should be completed within a few days and there will be opportunities both ends for shore time, rest and preparation/recuperation.

Fully Booked - Leg 8 - Falklands to South Georgia and then Uruguay

~28 days (Dates: 8th Feb 2014 to 8th March 2014)

This trip may have interest to those Antarctic historians among us as the island is host to the grave of Ernest Shackleton "the boss" and the site of his notable journey from the James Caird to the Norwegian base that was to assist in the rescue of Shackleton's stranded expedition party. If his legendary fight for survival has not yet caught your imagination then maybe islands expansive King Penguin rookeries, Sea Lion colonies and nesting Albatrosses are more your thing. Again this trip involves a difficult sea voyage and is not for the faint hearted but the reward would be to visit one of the last uninhabited and least visited islands in the world. The start destination of the Falklands holds appeal in its own right. The trip will finish in Uruguay, probably Punta del Este, which is a really pleasant part of South America and it's only a short ferry trip across the Rio de la Plata to Buenos Aires.

Leg 9 - Uruguay to Rio de Janeiro

~18 days (Dates: 12th March 2014 to 29th March 2014)

The return legs are none the less exciting. We will be migrating back towards the warmer latitudes before the Southern autumn sets in and will be in time for carnival time in South America! This voyage will make use of the knowledge gained on the trip down to visit interesting places and catch some of the South American carnival spirit before arriving in Rio.

Fully Booked - Leg 10 - Rio de Janeiro to the Azores

~21 days (Dates: 31st March 2014 to 25th April 2014)

The second Atlantic crossing again will involve the crossing of the Equator and the chance for watch leaders and crew to experience the Atlantic with friends and if they wish to work towards their Yachtmaster Ocean experience. The trip will finish in Ponta Delgada. There will be time at both ends to explore and the aim will be to make as fast and smooth a crossing as possible in order to maximise time ashore at both ends.

Fully Booked - Leg 11 - Azores to La Coruna

~10 days (Dates: 29th April 2014 to 9th May 2014)

This will hopefully be a fairly relaxed sail as the stress of making the destination for the next trip will be lifted. There will be plenty of time ashore and a chance to see the Azores and Spain in the Northern springtime. In terms of selling this trip to you I would say if you can't give lots of time but you want to be involved with the expedition atmosphere and see some places you've not seen before then this trip is for you.

Fully Booked - Leg 12 - La Coruna to Falmouth

~7 days (Dates: 10th May 2014 to 17th May 2014)

Another short trip ideal for those with less time available. Never the less, there will be plenty of great scenery and interesting places to stop on this final leg. There should be a big party on the weekend we bring the boat back into Falmouth and this last trip may prove one of the best.


Summary and Status

1UKLisbon700Fully Booked
2LisbonCanaries750Fully Booked
3CanariesRio3500Fully Booked
4RioUshuaia1700Fully Booked
5UshuaiaUshuaia1200Fully Booked
6UshuaiaUshuaia1200Fully Booked
7UshuaiaFalklands400Fully Booked
8FalklandsUruguay2200Fully Booked
10RioAzores3500Fully Booked
11AzoresLa Coruna750Fully Booked
12La CorunaUK700Fully Booked